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Social Housing Management

Introduction to management online training

Summary of course: Working proactively to build clear expectations around prompt and regular rent payment starts from the day you meet a prospective tenant, and carries through to the sign-up phase. Work done at the commencement of the relationship will pay dividends later in reducing defaults and avoiding expensive court action in many cases.

Course content: Arrears prevention – Pre-tenancy positive practice models online training course focuses on:

  • The causes of arrears and why rental income should be prioritised
  • Knowing your customer and signposting
  • Establishing a payment culture
  • The benefit of a structured sign-up process
  • Best practice
  • The consequences of rent arrears for all.

A review from one of our learners:

I didn’t realise how important the pre-tenancy phase was in setting the boundaries and making the most of the tenant/landlord relationship. I can’t believe how much a course can get you thinking in different ways! Thanks for the new insights!

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An introduction to management online training
An introduction to management online training
An introduction to management online training

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