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Social Housing Management

Introduction to management online training

Summary of course: A well-thought-out approach to rent arrears is one of the vital strands in an overall income management strategy. This requires all providers to understand the underlying causes of arrears and to move away from reactive-based models which are failing to deliver results. A progressive approach to ensure the financial well being of both tenants and landlords will be explored.

Course content: This Critical factors influencing rent arrears course focuses on:

  • The impact of changes in housing supply and stock profiles
  • Changes in the job market, rising consumer debt and financial exclusion
  • Consideration of the welfare reform programme and its economic consequences.
  • The impact of rent arrears on the tenant, the landlord and the community.

A review from one of our learners:

Working in arrears is demanding, as most tenants I speak with seem to be having problems. This course has given me some great ideas about what may be affecting the tenants and got me to think about each person as an individual with individual issues.

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An introduction to management online training
An introduction to management online training
An introduction to management online training

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