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Social Housing Management

Introduction to management online training

Summary of course: The collection and storing of excessive numbers of belongings significantly affects a resident’s ability to live in their home. It creates a fire risk in over 70% of cases and often appears to be an intractable management problem. A clear understanding of the principal characteristics of hoarding behaviour is necessary before developing a management strategy to address its consequences, and prevent repetition.

Course content: This Managing Hoarding online training course focuses on:

  • Developing an awareness of the main characteristics of hoarding
  • Creating an effective strategy based on objective criteria and risk assessments
  • Implementing a positive management approach
  • Understanding the complexities surrounding legal action and achieving the right result, including the impact of mental health.

A review from one of our learners:

I did this course because I have two customers who hoard, and I wanted to consider practical ways of helping them. I now have a better idea of how to help them and the impact on their mental health. Thanks for the helpful tips!

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An introduction to management online training
An introduction to management online training
An introduction to management online training

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