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Team Leader/Management

Introduction to management online training

Summary of course: Without budgets, cash flow forecasts and financial monitoring how will you know what money is needed and by when. Financial planning allows you to foresee financial implications of not generating the funds required to operate, allowing you to make better informed financial decisions.

Course content: This managing money online training course focuses on:

  • How to draw up a realistic 12 month budget
  • Developing a cash flow forecast
  • Financial planning
  • How income and expenditure variances may affect the position of an organisation
  • The importance of accurate financial planning and recording.

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A review from one of our learners:

I needed a course to help me understand cashflow forecasts and this course did just that. You also get downloads to help create your own (all the formulas are done for you!). Key learning point, revisit your cashflow each month and update it, that way you can adjust your finances accordingly.

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