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Introduction to management online training

Summary of course: Professional boundaries define effective and appropriate interactions between professionals. These boundaries exist to protect both the professional, customers and colleagues.

It is crucial that staff understand the nature and limits of their roles and are able to recognise the ‘grey areas’ where they are at risk of crossing their professional boundaries. The skills learnt will enable you to define effective and appropriate interactions, understand and implement good practice and manage boundary issues effectively.

Course content: This professional boundaries online training course focuses on:

  • Why professional boundaries are essential
  • Boundary violation, risk and the impact on the individual and organisation
  • Regulatory requirements and principles
  • Grey areas within professional boundaries
  • How to manage boundary issues and implement good practice.

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A review from one of our learners:

With all the stuff in the news now about inappropriate behaviour I wanted my staff to do a professional boundaries course to refresh their knowledge. TNTA provided me with a really easy, affordable way to train all of my staff without having to have them out for a full days training. The course is current with up to date case studies and covers grey areas as well which is something that I wanted them to explore. It also covers setting boundaries and explores appropriate and inappropriate behaviour, especially as my staff have long standing relationships with a lot of their clients. I also get free reports each month which are a fantastic way of keeping on top of the training.

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