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Introduction to management online training

Summary of course: How do you recruit the best person first time? Recruiting new members of staff can be time consuming and expensive. Therefore, you need to ensure your recruitment process is successful. This includes; developing effective job descriptions and person specifications to attract the right calibre of candidates, assist with the shortlisting process and focus on the key skills that are essential to the advertised role. Ultimately attracting the right people for the position and saving you time.

Course content: TThis recruitment and selection process online training course focuses on:

  • Developing job descriptions, person specifications and the benefits
  • Identifying advertisement options to suit your target market
  • How to shortlist effectively
  • Conducting successful interviews
  • How to manage the selection process.

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A review from one of our learners:

I run my own small business but was struggling to get the right applicants for a new position. This course made me look at things differently and change the places where we advertise. We have also tweaked the person specification and changed the way we shortlist. I highly recommend this course as the ideas are simple but effective. We have 3 candidates we are interviewing next week and we hope that this time we have got it right.

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An introduction to management online training

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