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Introduction to management online training

Summary of course: The importance of safeguarding cannot be over-emphasised. All organisations with staff who have contact with families, adults at risk or children must develop a systemic awareness of the key issues, responsibilities and boundaries.

This safeguarding practice online training course gives access to four safeguarding courses in one. Covering children, adults, the designated person role and the importance of having a policy and procedures in place. This will assist with ensuring a consistent approach to safeguarding throughout your organisation.

Course content: This safeguarding practice online training course focuses on:

  • The impact of the Children’s Act 2004 and the statutory guidance
  • The signs and symptoms of abuse in children
  • The potential behaviour indicators associated with different forms of abuse
  • Examples of family circumstances in which risks most commonly arise
  • How to respond professionally and appropriately to a disclosure of abuse
  • Keeping and maintaining confidential records
  • Links to be forged with other agencies
  • The different forms that abuse can take in adults
  • Ways in which people may be susceptible to abuse
  • The legislative framework surrounding safeguarding
  • Responding professionally to disclosure from an adult
  • Reporting incidents to statutory agencies and the police
  • The duty of care: what it means in practice
  • The golden rules of confidentiality and information-sharing
  • Protecting and supporting staff
  • The interplay with other organisational policies and procedures
  • The links to be forged with other agencies
  • The key elements of a robust safeguarding policy.
  • Identifying key skills and requirements for the role
  • The critical elements of a training audit and how to conduct one
  • The role and responsibilities of the designated person within the organisation
  • What support staff need and how to provide it
  • Engaging with the local safeguarding board
  • Linking with external agencies to support the designated person.

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A review from one of our learners:

I have a small team and called TNTA to discuss out training requirements. They were extremely helpful. They asked lots of questions about the types of clients we work with and then explained what staff members needed what training and why. They then provided all of the training in one place and staff started learning within 24 hours. They recommended this package for me as all of the training I needed as the Director is all in one place. I have completed all the courses and found each one to be just what I needed and more. They really know their stuff and the training is informative, relevant and has exceeded my expectations. I now have a robust safeguarding policy in place, know exactly what my role as the Designated person is and feel confident in delivering a top-class service to my clients. I also used the tutor support option and found this invaluable. As part of the package I get free monthly reports which are brilliant to see what staff have completed their training and what is outstanding. It really has taken the headache out of organising and chasing staff and I will continue to use them for my training needs.

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An introduction to management online training

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