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Introduction to management online training

Summary of course: Modern working practices have significantly increased the number of staff working remotely. Ensuring this change is managed safely and in accordance with best practice requires a planned programme incorporating risk analysis, skills building, a knowledge of available technology and clear protocols and procedures.

This course is for all supervisors, managers responsible for the welfare of staff who periodically or generally work on their own within your office or remotely for some or the whole of their normal working week.

Course content: This lone working for managers online training course focuses on:

  • Defining lone working
  • Legal responsibilities covering lone workers
  • Designing lone worker systems and procedures
  • Identifying specific team gaps in supporting lone workers
  • Action planning to address identified gaps in provision
  • Implementation of appropriate training.

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A review from one of our learners:

I have a team of staff who are all lone workers. I wanted to put some additional safety measures in place but was unsure what to use. I completed this course and my staff completed the lone working for staff course. We then had a team meeting and agreed on some of the tools that we thought would work and were affordable. We now have a new buddy system in place, a whiteboard in the office and the team have personal alarms. These are easy affordable things to put in place but without this course I don’t think I would have thought they were so easily to implement. I have also introduced a new action plan and this is reviewed monthly. The safety of my staff is my number one priority and this course has really helped me to put the right safety measures in place.

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